Don't call me 'His Excellency', says TN governor

Don’t call me ‘His Excellency’, says TN governor

The Raj Bhavan in Chennai today said the salutation ‘His Excellency’ or its Tamil equivalent ‘methagu alunar’ used to address the governor of Tamil Nadu be discontinued.

“Instead, on ceremonial occasions and in official and other communications, the world ‘honourable Governor’ or its Tamil equivalent ‘maanbumigu alunar’ may be used,” an official release from Raj Bhavan here said.

However, the salutation ‘his excellency’ will continue to be used in interaction with foreign dignitaries, it said.

“Ch Vidyasagar Rao, the Governor of Tamil Nadu, has directed that henceforth on all ceremonial occasions and in official and other communications, the word Honourable Governor or its Tamil equivalent Maanbumigu Aalunar, may be used,” it said.

In a departure from the British era practise of addressing Governors as “His Excellency,” Rao directed that “the present practise of using the salutation His Excellency the Governor, or the Tamil equivalent Methagu Aalunar, may be discontinued.”

In 2012, President Pranab Mukherjee had dropped the usage of the salutation “His Excellency”, and had then approved a new set of protocol to be used.

“Use of the words His Excellency will be discontinued while organising functions within the country and during interaction between Indian dignitaries and the President,” stated a press release by Rashtrapati Bhavan in October 2012.

Mukherjee had also directed that the word “Hon’ble” will be used before the title of ‘President’ or ‘Governor’.