Donor whose HIV+ blood infused to pregnant woman dies in hospital

Donor whose HIV+ blood infused to pregnant woman dies in hospital

A 19-year-old youth, who had consumed rat poison on learning that a pregnant woman who had received his HIV positive blood had contracted the virus, died in Madurai on Sunday.

He had been undergoing treatment at Government Rajaji Hospital here for three days and died of Gastro Intestinal (GI) bleeding.

The man, driven the guilt of having donated HIV infected blood, had consumed the poison. “He was fine but as he saw news that his blood was transfused to a pregnant lady, he thought he should not live and consumed rat poison,” the donor’s mother said.

S Shanmugasundaram, dean (in charge), GRH, told The Hindu that the cause of death was blood loss which is a common complication of consuming rat poison. He was admitted to the hospital on Thursday morning. After vomiting blood early this morning, he was administered one unit of blood and three units of fresh frozen plasma.

A worker at a firecracker unit in nearby Sivakasi and a native of Ramanathapuram district’s Kamuthi village, the youth had consumed the poison on Wednesday.

Immediately after he had consumed the rat poison, his family had rushed him to the Ramanathapuram general hospital from he was shifted to Madurai Rajaji general hospital for treatment on December 27.

The deceased who worked at a cracker unit in Sivakasi had donated blood at the government hospital in Sivakasi on November 30 as a replacement donor. The hospital failed to identify that his blood was infected with HIV and Hepatitis B. Earlier this month, a pregnant woman who was transfused the blood donated by him at Sattur Government Hospital was tested positive for HIV and Hepatitis B.