Dirty war between Ajith-Vijay fans on social media

The rivalry between the fans of Kollywood’s two stars – Ajith and Vijay – has hit a new low, following the announcement of the first look and title release of the latter’s upcoming movie, presently referred to as Thalapathy 63.

Vijay and Ajith, two of the most lovable stars of the South Indian cinema, do share mutual respect and admiration between themselves. However, their fans have often been at loggerheads with fan wars often ruling the roost in the online world.

Just when Vijay’s fans started celebrating his birthday with a common hashtag on Twitter, a section of Ajith fans united and started trending a tag #June22VijayDeathDay.

This hashtag has upset a lot of neutral fans and netizens. Though Ajith has been advising his fans to not degrade other actors, they are not in a mood to listen.

To denigrate Vijay, a section of Ajith fans trended ‘#June22VijayDeathDay’ on Twitter. In retaliation, a section of Vijay fans choose to respond with dignity by wishing well for Ajith with another hash tag – #LongLiveAJITH – on the social media site.

Though Vijay fans avoided hitting out at Ajith fans in the similar fashion, it does not erase the fact that they too had stooped low earlier by dragging Thala’s family members in their online fights in the past.

fights. Fans of Vijay and Ajith called an end to the Twitter war by tweeting with #IgnoreNegativity. #LongLiveThalapathy is also trending.