Director VJ Gopinath on “Jiivi”

It’s not a common scenario, where ‘script writers’ are given their due credits. Even if it happens, that would appear tagged along with the director’s name. However, the K-town is so much enthralled to see the genuineness of team ‘Jiivi’, especially filmmaker VJ Gopinath pass on all the credits that he has been gaining for the brilliant trailer towards script writer Babu Tamizh. 

While giving an experience time-travel to the point of ‘Jiivi’ inception, director VJ Gopinath says, “It was in 2015, my close friend Babu Tamizh had approached me with the script, asking me to direct. It was such a wonderful film, where it sounded like a never-seen or never-heard before concept. In fact, I strongly believed that audiences will feel the same in theatres as well. Sooner, we started approaching many actors and producers. Despite the delay, we were confident that the film will definitely get a good reception even if made after 3-4 years for it had a unique content. After meeting several actors, we finally met and narrated the script to Vetri. On his part, he was going through a challenging phase of selecting unique scripts and to our fortune, he found ours to be a worthy one.”  

While few who have already watched “Jiivi” have been extolling it as ‘Out of box thinking’, it’s already been declared the same with the ones who have made similar predictions watching the trailer. So how does director VJ Gopinath see such acclamations? “Definitely, all credit goes to my friend Babu Tamizh and it’s his unparalleled thinking that has yielded positive results now.”

Having credited his heartiest thanks to Babu Tamizh, the director shares the challenges that were involved in materializing the script. “Yes, the script had a unique concept of ‘Human Connectivity’ and as Babu narrated the story for first time, I could feel that there are going to be heavy challenges while shooting. Apparently, I took sumptuous time of 2-3 months preparing with shot divisions and other essential aspects, which made the process easy.” 

A film’s title happens to be the curtain raiser when it comes to attracting crowds. In this aspect, ‘Jiivi’ has nurtured itself with best reach. Filmmaker VJ Gopinath reveals an interesting fact that it was actor Sibiraj who suggested the title. “Actually, we were having lots of discussions to finalize the title, which we wanted to be inherent to the protagonist’s nature of being brilliant. When we narrated the script to Sibi sir, he suggested us this title, which was so much apt. However, he couldn’t take up this project due to his prior commitments during that point of time.” 

Bankrolled by M. Vellapandian, V. Sudalaikan Vellapandian and V. Subramanian Vellapandian for Vetrivel Saravana Cinemas, Vetri of “8 Thottakkal” fame plays the lead, which features Monica Chinnakotla, Ashwin Chandrashekar, Rohini, Karunakaran, Rama, Mime Gopi and Thangadurai in pivotal roles. The BGM of KS Sundaramurthy in the film’s trailer has evoked an incredulous response instilling for more such impact in full-length feature.