Director Ashwath Marimuthu on Oh My Kadavule Movie

Oh My Kadavule scheduled for worldwide release this Friday (February 14, 2020) has already become the top preference of watch list in town. With the songs and trailers adorning the expectation levels, the creator behind this magical Rom-Com shares his experience working on this film.

Director Ashwath Marimuthu says, “Oh My Kadavule is something that we all often keep uttering for the surprises and twists in our lives. So happens to be this film, where the protagonist, who undergoes a journey that gives him a chance to paint his life as he wants.”
The visual promos have already given a clear picture of what the film is all about. Besides, the roles played by every character, including Vijay Sethupathi have been revealed as well.  Doesn’t it pose a spoiler alert? Ask Ashwath and he says, “As a team, we felt that it’s better to prepare the audiences so that they don’t draw their assumptions. However, there are some twists and surprises in the tale, which we believe is the film’s asset. Also, it’s not just the story, but the emotional quotients emphasized on relationships and friendships would let audiences to look back and reflect their own lives. OMK has a theme that will remain close to everyone.”

Speaking about his team, Ashwath says, “Ashok Selvan and I share a wonderful bond for years and this is a dream come true for us. I wanted to see him reach the skies with glorious success. After watching the final output, I am keeping fingers crossed that he will be a high-on-demand actor hereafter. The hard work he has exerted for each shot will pay off with good reception for him. Ritika Singh is the soul of this film and if not for her, the role of ‘Anu’ would have not found its perfection. Vani Bhojan has been yet another embellishment to our tale. I owe her a lot for accepting this role. Vijay Sethupathi sir’s role is going to be a special delight and it will have a good impact.”

Produced by G. Dilli Babu for Axess Film Factory in association with Abhinaya Selvam for Happy High Pictures, Leon James has composed music and Vidhu Ayyanna has handled cinematography for the film.

-Suresh Chandra