Director Ameer appears before NCB for investigation

Director-Actor Ameer has made headlines as he appeared before the investigators of the Delhi Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) on Tuesday morning.

This appearance comes in the midst of a probe into a narcotics case involving Jaffer Sadiq, a prominent Tamil Nadu movie producer, and an expelled member of the DMK.

Ameer, who was earlier summoned by the NCB along with other business associates Abdul Fazid Buhari and Syed Ibrahim of Jaffer Sadiq, is believed to have directed a yet-to-be-released movie produced by the alleged drug kingpin Jaffer Sadiq. Sources suggest a significant business partnership between Ameer and Sadiq, prompting NCB sleuths to delve deeper into their relationship.

Jaffer Sadiq stands accused of orchestrating a large-scale narcotics smuggling operation, estimated to be worth Rs. 2000 crore, over the past three years.

The modus operandi allegedly involved smuggling narcotics abroad, mixed with multi-grain mix and grated coconut. Sadiq was apprehended by NCB Delhi on March 9 after evading authorities for nearly three weeks, during which time three of his associates were arrested in Delhi in February.