Dheeraj Returns with “Pillaiyar Suzhi”: A Heartwarming Tale for All Ages !!

Following the tremendous success of “Double Tuckerr,” actor Dheeraj is set to captivate audiences once again with his upcoming film “Pillaiyar Suzhi.” Directed by Manoharan Periyathambi, the film has been completed with plans for a release later this year.

“Pillayiar Suzhi,” produced by Silambarasi V – Pillaiyar  Suzhi Productions in Association with  Air Flick , promises to be an engaging and entertaining movie . The filmmakers are confident that the heartwarming story will resonate with audiences of all ages, making it a delightful watch for both children and adults alike. Abhinaya stars alongside Dheeraj in the female lead role.

Dheeraj, celebrated for his powerful performances in “Bodhai Yeri Budhi Maari” and the recently successful “Double Tuckerr,” is expected to charm viewers once more with his role in “Pillaiyar Suzhi.” “Double Tuckerr” garnered widespread acclaim, particularly among children, thanks to its animated characters Right & Left. The makers of “Pillaiyar Suzhi” assure that Dheeraj will continue to win hearts with this new project.

The film features a stellar supporting cast, including Revathi, Mime Gopi, Mathew Varghese, Power Star Sreenivasan, Dharshan, Jeeva Ravi, Palani Devi, and RJ Mahalakshmi. The child artistes Unni Krishnan, Aarna, Farhana, and Shri Sharavan play pivotal roles, adding to the film’s charm.

“Pillaiyar Suzhi” boasts a talented crew with Prasad DF Tech as the Director of Photography, Hari S.R handling the music composition, and lyrics penned by Reshman Kumar, Mohanrajan, and Kothai Devi. The editing is managed by producer Silambarasi V. The songs feature vocals by Sathiya Prakash, Rahul Nambiyar, and Super Singer Koushik Sridharan.

The highlight is Pillaiyar Suzhi was selected for New York Film Festival as Finalist recently.

Get ready to be enthralled by “Pillaiyar Suzhi” as it hits the screens this year, promising a memorable cinematic experience for all..