Dhanush's sister quits Twitter

Dhanush’s sister quits Twitter

After issuing an emotional statement on ‘SuchiLeaks’, Dhanush’s sister Dr Vimala Geetha has deactivated her Twitter account.

In the statement, she said, “For the past few months our family is going through so much pain and agony because of various issues and we all kept quiet.

We belong to a very poor family and one man with his hard work and sacrifice gave us food education and everything we have now.. from a small village in Theni to what we r now didn’t come overnight or without sacrifice.. my brothers faced criticism embarrassment insults etc etc to reach this level..

God knows what kind of values we were taught and what kind of life we lead..yes.. Dhanush is a huge star today and he deserves that for the time, effort and hard work he did..but success comes with a price I guess..act of revenge in all ways possible.. character assassination in every media possible.. is this what an actor who tortures himself so much to entertain his fans and people of tamilnadu deserves..

twitter has become a media where anyone can talk anything or post anything.. and its disheartening to see cheap fake porn videos in a media where even a twelve year old have accounts!!!”

And the worst thing is the number of people who ask for such perverted videos!!! Our family has seen a lot.. whatever comes .. we will stay united and fight..”