Dhanush goes down the memory lane

Dhanush goes down the memory lane

After getting great feedback for the trailer at the audio launch of Kodi in Chennai, Dhanush has thanked all for their support.

 “Sincere thanks to all the press and media who attended Kodi press meet. Had a beautiful positive session with reporters who knew me as a kid,” the national award winning actor posted on his microblogging page.

The stylish swag of Dhanush as the politician with bearded look and the comic professor have hit the right chords while Trisha’s deglamorized look is a big surprise.

Vetrimaran also said that Dhanush’s dual roles in Kodi will be the film’s biggest USP. “We all are happy with the output of Kodi and can confidently say that Escape Artists Madan has been the biggest strength of film, my banner is just for the namesake”, added the Visaaranai director.

Dhanush said, “It was a great experience to be part of a politics based movie. I enjoyed a lot. But it doesn’t target anyone. The movie speaks about the good and bad of politics. The film urges youngsters to enter politics to serve the society .”

Though the initial portions in the trailer indicate there are enough romantic portions between Dhanush and Trisha, there is a confrontation scene between the duo as well.