Dhanush for a cause

Dhanush for a cause

Dhanush, his mother-in-law and Superstar Rajinikanth’s wife Latha Rajinikanth among others took part in the Bharat Yatra, undertaken by Nobel Peace Laureate Kailash Satyarthi, in Chennai on Wednesday.

The marchers, protesting the injustice that the children of the country face daily, walked from Rajarathinam Stadium and were joined by Dhanush, who has wholeheartedly shown support for the Bharat Yatra.

High Court Chief Justice Indira Banerjee said, “Society has a responsibility towards children. Innocent children grow up to be the adults we want them to be.”

She added: “If educated they will grow up as responsible citizens.Right to life includes in its fold all the basic human rights. Therefore, the fundamental duty of citizens is to take care of their children.”

Emphasising on the alarming nature of child abuse,she further stated, “Do not hide incidence of abuse. Children who are abused are not at fault. It is abusers who have to be shunned. It’s the abusers who need to be punished.”

“I will not rest till children of this country are not safe. I am not going to stop fighting if the raping and abuse do not stop. I cannot sleep in peace until we win our war against rape and abuse. This moral epidemic haunts our nation, and it is time we fight against it, together”, said Satyarthi.