Devotees to throng Kumbabhishekam of Sandhi Amman temple

Devotees to throng Kumbabhishekam of Sandhi Amman temple

The consecration of Sandhi Amman temple, one among the ancient temples which is located inside Tirusulam airport, will take place next week in the presence of devotees.

Sandhi Amman, devotees say, is a very powerful goddess. “Pray Her sincerely and She will bless and grant your request,” they say in one voice.

The Temple attracts devotees from around the city despite its most unusual location inside the airport. A little beyond the domestic terminal at the Anna International Airport in Meenambakkam is the temple that is patronised by many.

Devotees to throng Kumbabhishekam of Sandhi Amman temple

The temple is believed to date back to ancient times and legend has it that the deity, Sandhi Amman has been guarding the seven towns (Tambaram, Pallavaram, Trisulam, Pammal, Meenambakkam, Madipakkam and Pozhichalur) around the temple. She is known as Ellai Katha Amman.

When the airport was to be constructed, there was controversy about the location of the temple. But somehow the temple survived it all and today most people travelling abroad come here and take the blessings of Sandhi Amman before they embark on their journey.

On special occasions, poojas are performed and the temple remains open from midnight till 3 am. This facilitates travellers who fly out at odd hours and would like to visit the temple.

In this ever changing world, certain things remain constant, that is the Sandhi Amman temple and the power of the Goddess.