Destinesia Short Film News

Project Title: DESTINESIA
Genre: Surreal Thriller,Duration : 23 mins,Cast: Guru somasunadaram, Sangeetha, Saravana Vel
Production : RI Films,Presents/Movie Launch: Mount Media Communications
Direction: Gowrishanker,Cinematography: Goutham Geogre,Editing: GA Gowtham,Music: Ashwath
Art: Allen vino, Julian Aravind,Sounds: Karun Prasad (Premix & Sound Design), T.Uday Kumar (Mixing & Mastering)
Lyrics: Sounderarajan,Color Grading: Boopathi Selvaraj,Vfx: Abner,Media Partner: Avant Grande Productions
Poster Design: Vishnu K Raja,Assistant Director: Srivathsan

Plot Synopsis:
Charles, reached his home, but this time everything is strange and he listens to a symphony comes from nowhere, Mysterious events begin to take place and he experiences a delusion which juxtapose’s realism and surrealism in which he realizes “As you sow so shall you reap”.