Demonetisation, At last, crowds ease at banks and ATMs

Demonetisation, At last, crowds ease at banks and ATMs

After almost a week, situation eased at banks and ATMs in Chennai and other parts of Tamil nadu today, as the queues are thinner and lesser when compared to the past few days.

This was attributed to many reasons, including better management, better flow of cash in ATMs and the government’s decision to apply ink on fingers of people coming to exchange money.

To ease the pressure on bank staff by facilitating easy transaction, Chennai Tri-colour Initiative — a people’s movement that started after last December’s massive floods to kindle the spirit of volunteering and community participation — decided to step in, and sought out volunteers to help people deal with the basic but rather harrowing process of depositing or withdrawing their money in these demonetised times.

Meanwhile, bnks are not giving any priority to senior citizens who approach them either to withdraw or deposit or exchange money in the aftermath of the demonetisation of the Rs 1,000 and Rs 500 currency notes, complained the Senior Citizens Group of Besant Nagar (SCGOBN).

The members of the SCGOBN conducted a survey of various banks in Besant Nagar to evaluate the efficiency of their service.

For people in rural areas, however, access to cash through ATMs will take even longer as smaller denomination cash has to be transported from a central location to the ATMs. “