Deiva Machan movie review


Vimal has a special power in which, he gets a dream where he will come to know about the death of his near and dear ones.

A few people also pass away just like it was predicted in Vimal’s dream.

Meanwhile, Vimal’s sister Anitha Sampath gets a good marriage proposal.

Just before the marriage, Vimal gets a dream, according to which his brother-in-law will die two days after the marriage.

What Vimal does after this, was he able to save his brother-in-law’s life, did the marriage take place as planned forms the rest of the story.



Director Martin Nirmal Kumar has kept the story in a simple manner with a fairly engaging screenplay.

With the entire plot taking place around a wedding, the director has ensured to stay as close to reality as possible.

There is all the fun elements that happen during a wedding in a village.

While the first half has a few lagging, the second half compensates for it.

Vimal fits the role perfectly and his innocence adds more credibility to the story.

His comedy timing has worked out really well and delivers a neat performance all together.

Bala Saravanan gets a meaty role and is impressive with his witty oneliners.

Anitha Sampath has done her part well and has delivered what was expected from her.

The scenes involving Deepa have come out really well.

Rest of the cast have all understood their respective characters and have acted accordingly.

The technical aspects of the movie are good as well.

Godwin’s music gels well with the theme of the movie.

Kamil J Alex’s camera work is impressive.