Deepika Padukone’s Chhapaak’s IMDB ratings fall

Days after Deepika’s JNU visit many took the pledge to boycott her film, #boycottchhapaak was trending on the micro-blogging site. Now, it has been observed that some people have also attacked the film’s IMDB rating as well.

The film’s page on the popular review aggregator website is being blasted with harsh reviews from multiple accounts. Reportedly, out of 6,900 votes, 4,000 shows the lowest rating. This has taken the film’s rating down to 4.4 stars.

Meanwhile, leading brands are playing it safe on Deepika Padukone, the country’s highest paid actress, after she stood in solidarity with Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) students attacked by masked persons with sledgehammers, iron rods and rocks on the campus.

While some brands have said they are reducing the visibility of ads featuring her in the short term, celebrity managers say future endorsement deals are expected to see clauses factoring in the risks involved with celebrities taking political stands that might anger administrations inclined to be vengeful.

According to a report in Maharashtra Times, advertisements that feature Deepika are slowly disappearing from television. According to reports, leading brands have taken a step back over her association with the brands.

With an estimated net worth of over Rs. 125 crore, Deepika Padukone has long been a favourite of brands, though she may be about to take somewhat of a hit as some companies have reportedly said that they will reduce the visibility of ads featuring the Chhapaak actress.