Cyclone Vardah may intensify today

Cyclone Vardah may intensify today

Cyclone ‘Vardah’ which is near the Andaman Islands is likely to intensify into a severe cyclone today, officials said.

“If the cyclone continues to move along its present course, it may hit the coast around December12. That would be followed by easterly winds and a rise in temperature,” said weather officials.

They added: “But it is too early to predict how things would unfold in the next 72 hours. The cyclone may lose steam and fail to reach the coast. In that case, the impact on local weather would be negligible.”

It will be called ‘Vardah’ meaning Rose in Arabic and Urdu, a name given by Pakistan. Eight countries — India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Maldives, Myanmar, Oman, Sri Lanka and Thailand —contributed a list of 64 names. Each country gave eight names for the upcoming cyclones.

With Cyclone Nada leaving many disappointed, the State pins its hope on the weather system to bridge the rain deficit —66 per cent this season — and tackle the water crisis looming large over many parts. Tamil Nadu has registered 13 cm of rainfall against the average of 38 cm since October 1.

Very high speed winds accompanied by heavy rainfall are expected as the administration has advised general public to remain indoors.