Culinary Innovation Takes Center Stage in Chennai with the Launch of Bhookle: Redefining Food Delivery for a “Human-First”  “Experience”

September 2023 marks a groundbreaking moment in the culinary landscape of Chennai as Bhookle, a revolutionary”human-first”social sharing platform, makes its debut in the city. Bhookle is set  to redefine the food delivery experience, bridging the gap between discerning customers and talented home chefs. This platform offers an enticing array of homemade meals that prioritize health, uniqueness, and diversity – all crafted by local culinary artisans.

Bhookle’s arrival signals a culinary renaissance, as it places an unwavering focus on connecting individuals  who are passionate about food. By uniting skilled home chefs with eager patrons, Bhookle creates a  vibrant and thriving community, promising an exceptional dining adventure.
The creation of Bhookle was  inspired by a deeply personal journey. Founder Arvind’s search for his mother’s dishes and the emotional connection to her cooking led to the vision of Serving memories through food. “This unique concept is designed to evoke powerful memories associated with homemade  meals prepared with love” says  Arvind.
“Bhookle stands out from other food delivery platforms in two distinct ways: human centricity and discovery”, adds co-founder and head of marketing, Uthra.
Unlike traditional platforms that primarily focus on menus and prices, Bhookle prioritizes the authentic  human stories behind the dishes. It introduces an element of curiosity, love, and emotional connection to  the food ordering process. “Additionally, Bhookle is among the early adopters of the home food market,  offering a diverse range of dishes that are often unavailable in restaurants. It serves as a common platform  where various cultures are authentically represented”, claims Shamala who is the co-founder and head of food.
While Bhookle offers a user-friendly app with all standard features, it is also working toward integrating AI  and machine learning for personalized meal recommendations and plans. Technology serves as an enabler, with chefs, food, and users remaining at the core of the platform’s identity.
Bhookle’shome chefs represent a diverse group, with 85% of them being women aged 25-65. These chefs  come from various regions in India and even international backgrounds. They are passionate about  showcasing their culinary skills and are at the heart of Bhookle’smission.  Today Bhookle boasts a robust  network of 50+ chefs in and around the city proving over 800 diverse dishes spawning several cultures and  ethnicity.
Bhookle supports and empowers home chefs by addressing three crucial challenges: identity, financial  independence, and entrepreneurship. It provides a platform where their culinary creations are celebrated,  offers a source of additional income, and guides them through the complexities of running a food business.   Bhookle aims to create a new wave of food entrepreneurs
Bhookle prioritizes local ingredients and sustainable food practices. All dishes are cooked fresh, avoiding  refrigeration and bulk storage. Pre-ordering helps maintain demand-supply equilibrium and reduces food  wastage. The platform is exploring partnerships to further reduce food waste. With its debut in Chennai, it  aims to spread its wings in other cities of India, Bangalore being next in the list.

App: Bhookle is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

Social Media: Follow Bhookle on Instagram and Facebook at @BhookleEats.