Cuemath : Learning loss due to COVID: 4 out of 10 Chennai parents feel pandemic has affected math learning in kids

Learning loss due to COVID: Peer pressure + pandemic = 30%  learning loss in Chennai 


Learning loss due to COVID: 4 out of 10 Chennai  parents feel pandemic has affected math learning in kids

 In a survey conducted by Cuemath and Neilsen, parents expressed concern and also highlighted how the future of education for their children will be a hybrid model 

 Cuemath, a live-class platform for math and coding, recently commissioned a study with market research firm Nielsen to highlight the learning challenges faced by students and concern areas cited by parents in terms of Math learning post the pandemic.

The survey highlights that the learning loss in Math among children in Chennai worsened in the last 18 months.

43% of parents feel that math anxiety has contributed to this learning loss, while 38% feel that mathematical concepts have confused their children during this period.

A key factor that affects a child’s confidence in India is intense competition and peer pressure. Chennai is no different, and 3 out of 10 parents surveyed felt that it was a key factor that impacted a child’s confidence.  This is the reason why 60% of parents in Chennai see enhanced classroom teaching like interactive videos, Game based learning and Do it yourself activities by either schools or EdTech platforms as a solution to address learning loss in mathematics. Parents in Chennai (45%) also feel worksheets provided by schools and EdTech platforms as very helpful, second only to Kolkata (48%).

At a national level, 52% parents opine that the EdTech platforms help children in understanding the concepts more clearly. This resonates immensely with parents in Chennai (51%) and Mumbai (58%). Interactive nature of digital learning is increasingly found valuable by parents in Chennai. Need based, doubt clearing sessions (44%) and video recording sessions of school lectures or EdTech platform find preference in Chennai (45%).

Because of the presence of strong edtech players in the market, 2 out of 10 Chennai  parents feel less pressured to invest time and teach their children. Parents also believe that the future of education will be hybrid i.e., a physical classroom combined assisted by EdTech platforms.

Commenting on the launch of the report, Manan Khurma, Founder & CEO, Cuemath, said, “At Cuemath, we envision creating #1BillionMathMinds to democratize Math learning for every child across the world whose learning has been affected during the pandemic. Math has predominantly been directed rather than self-taught, and with schools in Chennai remaining shut, student progress has fallen sharply during the pandemic. The loss of learning in children will invariably have a critical impact on their future. Parents’ concerns are valid in such scenarios, and their increased confidence in EdTech platforms for learning Math is very encouraging. Supplementing school syllabus with smart teaching methods offered by EdTech platforms will prove highly advantageous as we venture into the new normal.”

Cuemath recognizes the importance of reducing the learning loss in math and building the next generation of problem-solvers; the startup has launched 1-year free access to its award-winning Math curriculum. Cuemath’s learning program is designed to supplement the school syllabus with a smart curriculum that will be critical for conceptual understanding and help lessen the effect of learning loss in Math for K-12.

1200 samples, split equally across cities and grades, were collected across 6 metros: Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Chennai, and Hyderabad, for Grades from 1 to 12.