Crop raiding makhna elephant captured in Dharmapuri

A crop raiding ‘makhna’ elephant was captured after tranquilizing by the Forest department in Palacode in Dharmapuri district early on Sunday.

Accompanied by another elephant, the makhna ventured out of Anjetti forest area and moved into Eachampallam village in Dharmapuri three months ago. Since then, both the elephants camped in the locality to raid on sugarcane and plantain crops.

Following persistent demands from farmers to capture the crop raiding elephants, the Forest department brought kumki ‘Chinna Thambi’ from Top Slip to Eachampallam village.

At around 3 am, when the makhna arrived to raid crops, the forest veterinarian darted the elephant with tranquilizers. As the elephant came completely under the influence of sedation, the jumbo was tied with a rope, lifted and loaded into a forest department vehicle.

The makhna, aged around 20 years, is likely to be taken to the elephant camp in Top slip in Anamalai Tiger Reserve (ATR).