CPC asks Centre to withdraw action against NDTC

CPC asks Centre to withdraw action against NDTC

Chennai Press Club has urged the central government to immediately withdraw its action against NDTV India.

Bharathithamizhan, Joint Secretary of the CPC said in a statement, “The Chennai Press Club strongly condemns the 24-hour ban on NDTV India by the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (I & B) on charges of airing “sensitive information” while reporting on the Phatankot terror attack.

The Chennai Press Club also demands that the one-day ban imposed on Hindi Channel NDTV India on the 09 Novermber,2016 should be immediately withdrawn.

While reacting to the allegations, NDTV has already clarified that the channel did not report anything that could be considered as sensitive information and it had only reported information that was already available in public domain.

The ban imposed on NDTV India clearly shows that the Government of India is trying to single out one particular channel without any valid reasons and this is a matter of grave concern for Journalists across the country.

The penalty against NDTV India is nothing but a direct assault on freedom of Press. Singling out one particular channel that has been critical of the government is unacceptable and will be considered an attempt by the Government of India to muzzle the free media.

Journalists in Tamil Nadu extend their support and solidarity towards NDTV network in their fight and we also urge journalists from across the country to raise their voice against the ban imposed on NDTV India.

We also urge Journalists from across the country to observe a 24-hour protest at their respective Press Clubs and organisations to condemn the ban imposed on NDTV India.”