Coronavirus outbreak: Tamil Nadu on high alert

As coronavirus infection continues to spread in China and cases surface in Southeast Asia and the Far East, the Tamil Nadu government has laid down a protocol to manage patients detected with the strain.

Students from Tamil Nadu pursuing medicine from the Wuhan University in China are too scared to leave their rooms. They have been staying indoors for the past two days, fearing the coronavirus.

Accordinig to reports, close to 900 have contracted the virus, of whom at least 26 have succumbed. While most of the cases are being reported from Wuhan in Hubei Province, the World Health Organization is seized on the matter. In India, at least 10 incoming passengers have been put under observation.

Passengers arriving at airports in Tamil Nadu from China and Hong Kong are being screened using thermal detectors to identify influenzalike symptoms in order to pick possible cases of new coronavirus.

More than 45 students are trapped in the situation and seeking for Indian Government or Tamil Nadu government’s support to get freed. One of the students named Manishankar was contacted, and a few information was captured. He is a medical student at the University and has video conversed and explained the prevailing situation in China.

“There is no scare of coronavirus in India yet. Tamilnadu is not affected by the virus. Passengers flying down from China are being thoroughly tested by Tamilnadu State team doctors and the airport crew,” said State Health Minister C Vijayabaskar.

He further reassured that the spread of coronavirus will be contained by the efforts as in the case of Zika and Ebola virus and asked people not to fear or be anxious.