Coronavirus cases cross 52,000 in India, death toll at 1,783

The total number of COVID-19 cases in India climbed to 52,952 while, 1,783 patients succumbed to the infectious disease. Of the total confirmed cases, there are 35,902 active cases.

The recovery rate stood at 29 percent after 15,266 COVID-19 patients were discharged, according to the latest data released by Health Ministry.

According to data, India has reported nearly 10,000 fresh coronavirus cases in the last three days. It took around five days for the number of coronavirus cases to reach 40,000 to 30,000 previously.

Earlier, the cases rose to 30,000 from 20,000 in about a week’s time. India recorded its first 10,000 Covid-19 cases in nearly 43 days, with a wave of infections beginning in March after three isolated cases were first reported in Kerala in January.

At present, there were 35,902 active patients in the country, according to ministry of health and family welfare. Nearly 30% of the total coronavirus patients were recovered from the disease.

There was staggering spike in Maharashtra’s coronavirus count this week. Over 500 people tested positive for the novel coronavirus on Wednesday, bringing the total cases in the state to 16,758. Mumbai alone witnessed 10,000 coronavirus cases. The state also registered highest number of coronavirus deaths in India. At least 650 people died due to COVID-19 disease in Maharashtra.

“During this difficult time of coronavirus, there are several people around us who are working 24 hours to help others, to maintain law and order, to cure infected persons and to maintain cleanliness, by sacrificing their own comforts. All such people deserve appreciation and honour,” said Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his address on Buddha Purnima.