Coronadevi statue installed at Coimbatore

In the wake of increasing cases of corona infection, a statue of Goddess Corona has been installed in Coimbatore as a spiritual gesture.

“The COVID-19 has devastated the lives of people. To save mankind from its impact, an idol of ‘Corona Devi’ has been consecrated by Kovai Kamatchipuram Adheenam Sri Sivalingeshwara Swamigal in Coimbatore,” said a statement.

“When people were dying due to Cholera and smallpox that spread 400 years ago, the people in villages built temples and prayed to ‘Mariamman’, ‘Mahaliamman’ and ‘Plague Mariamman’ to save their lives. Though there has been no ‘shastras’ to prove this, the faith of the people on these Gods in those days helped them overcome the crisis, added the release.

Similarly, now the COVID-19 has spread panic among the people. Hence a Corona Devi statue has been installed and pujas were to be performed for 48 days.

Devotees will not be allowed for witnessing the puja due to COVID-19 safety guidelines.