Cops deny permission to Lawrence's protest

Cops deny permission to Lawrence’s protest

The police have reportedly denied permission to a protest to be staged by actor-choreographer-director Raghava Lawrence, urging the Centre to drop Neduvasal hydro carbon project.

In a statement, he said, “We have been requesting for permissions for a peaceful hunger fast over the last week to support the cause of the Neduvasal farmers in the – Hydro Carbon project issue, – a permission was finally granted today (Wednesday).”

He added: “As we were making all preparations for the fast till now – we just received news that the permissions have been cancelled for the event.”

He said further: “The reasons stated is that of the President’s visit to Chennai. It feel very bad about this unexpected turn of events.”

“I would like this hunger fast to be done in a peaceful manner without any untoward incidents. I am going to request them for permissions once again tomorrow asking for a new date and a suitable plan of action will be made to voice our concerns.”

Lawrence concluded: “This is bigger than the Jallikattu issue so let us come together and save our farmers!”