Consult a doctor, Cheran tells Vishal

Consult a doctor, Cheran tells Vishal

Director Cheran has penned a hard hitting seven-page letter in Tamil to actor Vishal against his contesting in the Producer’s Council election. Here are the excerpts from the letter which translates to…

“Dear Vishal, what happened to you? You were doing good in the beginning, but what happened now? Do you have any idea about what you’re talking?

Just one post- President of Nadigar Sangam. You have taken it to your head and things are out of control. As a result, you are now contesting in Producers Council Election. You became the President of a union which has only 3000 people. Even for that small number, how much hard work did J.K.Ritheesh put, to make you guys win?

Can we ask Ritheesh to come out and speak about it? Fine, what did you do after coming to power? Apart from giving Pongal and Diwali special bonus, is there any other good thing that you did for the members?

Have you done a single film that educated or created awareness among the audience? You have only been dancing for dappankuthu numbers and taking advantage of audience’s intelligence.

You have no right to question the state of Tamil Nadu politics. This is a rare disease that you’ve got and you should consult a doctor.

You say that you’d buy half a ground of land for all the members of the Producers Council if you win the elections. Have you ever thought of doing the same in these one and half years, for the members of Nadigar Sangam?

Instead, you expelled 300 innocent actors from the Sangam, who believed and voted for you.You haven’t even started the ground work for the Nadigar Sangam building construction.”