College Kumar Review

Critic Rating: 2.5 / 5

The film shows us the story of two friends. One is rich and the other is poor. The poor child cannot attend college as his parents are not able to afford it.

The rich ends up as a leading professional while the poor one becomes a peon. Hence, he (Prabhu) vows to make his own son a big man by giving him good education.

A careful and loving upbringing ensures that the Kumar (Rahul Vijay) is a good student and the all-rounder right through school. But the pressure at home compels him to become quite the rebel.

Though he pretends to be the devoted and hardworking son at home, Kumar and his parents face the real situation after he gets debarred for cheating in exams.

Following this, the tables turn, and the father and the son take on each other’s roles. What happens next forms the crux.


The film is the official remake of 2018 Kannada hit of the same name, which featured Vikky Varun and Samyuktha Hegde in the lead, with P Ravishankar and Shruti in key supporting roles.

Prabhu and Madhubala have essayed the roles played by Ravishankar and Shruti in the original, while Rahul Vijay and Priya Vadlamani have been signed to play the leads. All the lead actors have delivered goods.

Directed by Hari Santhosh, who also directed the Kannada original, the film is a family entertainer with a college backdrop. It entertains the audience in parts.

Nasser, Manobala, and Chams have played supporting roles well. The film has music by Qutb-E-Kripa, an ensemble of young musicians from AR Rahman’s KM Music Conservatory.

The movie reminds us of Amala Paul starrer Amma Kanakku at places. On the whole, College Kumar has got a message for both parents and students.

College Kumar: Campus Chronicle