Cobra movie review


Vikram is a mathematical genius who goes undercover and commits high profile assassinations.

In comes an interpol agent Irfan Pathan to nab him.

During the investigation, the cops find out a shocking revelation about this assassin called Cobra.

Who is this Cobra? What’s his story? and why is he committing these crimes forms the rest of the story.


Ajay Gynanamuthu’s story is simple, but he makes it interesting with his engaging screenplay.

Audience are kept on the edge of their seats with many twists and turns. Vikram has always been doing roles which are quite complex.

The same happens here with Cobra as well. He gets a role with dual shades and performs it beautifully. Srinidhi Shetty gets a good role and does her bit in the first half.

Irfan Pathan makes a decent debut and is neat as a cop.

Mrinalini Ravi gets a neat role in the flashback and she was good. Roshan Mathews gets a negative role and he is impressive.

AR Rahman’s music and BGM were top notch. The production design is slick and so was the camera work.

Rating: 3.3/5