CM should be chosen democratically Aravind Swami

CM should be chosen democratically: Aravind Swami

More and more film personalities are offering their support to chief minister O Panneerselvam.

Aravind Swami has said the people of Tamil Nadu have a right to choose their Chief Minister in a democratic manner.

“Please contact your MLA, local party representative and tell them to represent your wishes on the choice of the CM, democratically. Whoever you might support,” he posted on Twitter.

He added: “Please verify and express your opinion strongly.” The Bogan actor also shared a list of area-wise MLAs with contact numbers.

Kamal Haasan said, “We’ve wasted our freedom years gambling our fanchise on wrong & corrupt politicians. Let’s stop blaming them. Lets become incorruptable.”

Imman said, “There it goes! Shows signs of hope in Tamilnadu Politics! Right speech at the right time from right place! Justice prevails!”

Siddharth said, “#OPS in Marina! TN politics.

#GOT ha! Live Game of Thrones! And House of Cards!”

Arulnithi said, “Bold speech ops sir …u have been honest to the ppl of tn by letting them know the truth.”