Cinematographer files police complaint against Bogan makers

Cinematographer files police complaint against Bogan makers

A cinematographer and an aspiring filmmaker Antony has filed a complaint with City Police Commissionerate alleging that Jayam Ravi starrer ‘Bogan’ is actually his story. Lakshman, who is directing the film has lifted his script, he said.

He said, “I had already filed a complaint with the Tamil Nadu Writers Association in February. Despite its ruling in my favour, director Lakshman went ahead and made the movie. I had also filed a complaint with the Video Piracy Cell (VPC), following which Lakshman and his team arranged for men to assault me on October 16th. A case has been filed at Koyambedu police station in this regard”.

Seeking police protection, Antony said, “I request the department to provide me security, as I fear threat to my life and also take necessary action against those who stole my story”, and added that he has also approached the court for justice. He also made charges against producer Ganesh.

Antony, who has done the camera work for the yet-to-be released Asurakulam, claims that the story of Bogan is his. In February, he filed a case in the High Court against the film’s team. On Wednesday, he even filed a complaint in Commissioner Office about the story theft and how the producers of the film are threatening him with goondas.

“I believe that my story has been leaked through one of my assistants. I filed a complaint with the South Indian Film Writers Association even before they had begun shooting for the film.

They even proved that Bogan is my story. But later, the producer of the film, Isari Ganesan came forward to strike a deal with me, offering to pay me a huge amount of `10 lakh. I, obviously, didn’t agree. I even have a recording on what they spoke and how they forced me to accept the deal. I will definitely prove it in the court,” he said.