Chinmayi to go to court

Chinmayi Sripadha, whose nomination to contest for the post of president of South Indian Cine, Television Artistes and Dubbing Artistes Union, has been rejected, has decided to approach the court.

She said her nomination had been rejected “despite the fact that my interim order says I have all the rights to be a member.”

The singerr, who is also a dubbing artiste, said, “Mr Radha Ravi has won ‘Unopposed’ and they rejected my nomination it seems. I dont understand how the Honble Retired Justice Sri Ravi decided I am not a member when the Court says so.

The point of having an election officer is to make sure that the elections wre conducted in a far manner. And then said election officers decide I am not a member of the Dubbing Union based on whose orders? Mr Radha Ravi’s orders? Anyway I’ll take this up legally. Mr Radha Ravi will have to stand opposed.”

Chinmayi Sripadha, who was denied membership of South Indian Cine, Television Artistes and Dubbing Artistes Union after she made allegations against its president Radha Ravi,  recently submitted papers for the president post of the organisation.

The award-winning singer filed her nomination as part of the Ramarajiyam team. Talking to the media, Chinmayi said that she was shocked to find out a few days ago that her name had been left out from the voter’s list of the union. “This is contempt of court. We will be taking this matter up with retired Judge Ravi and file our nominations,” she said.

Chinmayi revealed that the Ramarajyam team has been opposing Radha Ravi and his faction for a couple of years now. In the last election, which took place in 2018, they received 45% of the votes. So, the voice artist is confident of bringing in a change if her faction tastes victory.

She said, “The members belonging to the Ramarajyam team have raised their voice against the functioning of the union. And they had to face a lot of issues which includes lifetime ban as well.”