Chinmayi reminded of MeToo during Navaratri

Singer chinmayi Sripaada, in a series of tweets, recalled how the movement gained attention two years ago.

“Navaratri reminds me of the MeToo movement. Each Navaratri will. Not that I or any of the other women and men could ever forget.

2 years of giving a complaint. 17 women and counting.

2 years of seeing the stars dance around the accused,” she said.

Chinmayi added: “Least survivors can remember and tell ourselves

It is NOT our fault.

We can tell our story WHEN WE ARE READY AND FEEL SAFE TO DO SO. Anyone who questions ‘Why so late?!’ Or says ‘It is your shame’ are people who help Molesters and Rapists – Directly AND Indirectly.”

She also said, ‘Speak up if you want.

Dont, if you dont want to.

But just remember

It is NOT your fault. It is NEVER your fault.

Your clothes, smile, laughter, anger, attitude, education, worldview, age… nothing at all can be a justification for sexual assault.”

Chinmayi, who alleged two years ago that lyricist Vairamuthu had sexually harassed her, triggering similar allegations by multiple women, had recently once again posted an account of sexual harassment by the influential lyricist, this time shared anonymously by a person who seems to be a VJ in a popular television channel.

Chinmayi tweeted “Almost 2 years since the second wave of the #MeToo movement. #17. It took her 2 years to open up to me because her family doesn’t support. Have known her for years. And of course, does it even matter to the peeps of this society?”