Chinmayi posts new and shocking sexual allegation against Vairamuthu

Two years after she made shocking sexual charges against Vairamuthu, Chinmayi Sripadha has published one more account of sexual harassment by the lyricist, which was shared with her anonymously by a person who is known to her.

“Almost 2 years since the second wave of the #MeToo movement. #17. It took her 2 years to open up to me because her family doesn’t support. Have known her for years. And of course, does it even matter to the peeps of this society?” she said.

In the conversation, Girl 17, as she is referred by Chinmayi, claims that she had met Vairamuthu at a book release function in her college and when she had given her book to the lyricist for an autograph, he had signed it with his number.

She added that the lyricist had asked for her number when she was working as a VJ in a popular TV channel and she “being naive gave it without thinking twice”.

The girl further claims that she got an “unbelievable” amount of calls from Vairamuthu, who, she adds also “kept inviting me to some place near mount road”.

She alleged that the lyricist used to call her “the angel he use to see in his dreams”. “Finally I had to get my media bosses involved to talk to his wife and shut him up,” she said.

Over the last few months during Covid-19, Chinmayi has been doing song dedications and wishes, sending out more than 3,000 videos and raising Rs 85 lakh.

“Initially, I saw that a lot of people, such as light men and other people associated with the film industry were completely out of work. Later, a TN government school teacher working for children with learning difficulties contacted me for help,” said Chinmayi, who got a database of around 800 families from the teacher.