Chinmayi comes down heavilly on Suchitra, Vairamuthu, Radha Ravi

With celebrities like Vairamuthu, Radha Ravi and Suchitra raising their voice in support of the victims of Sathankulam, who allegedly died in police attack, singer-dubbing artiste Chinmayi Sripadha has said the above celebrities have been doing this to clear their tarnished image.

She said in a post: “Mr Vairamuthu has the gall to ask for justice and speak about custodial murders. After one viral post today, all we need is Mr Radha Ravi talking about justice now. All it takes is one viral post for an aggressor to whitewash everything they did in the past.

Some aggressors harass in the online space. Some offline. But say the right things at an emotional moment and you’ll go viral; everyone Will forget what a terrible human you were. Who cares? People would make a social media poem viral if the aggressor were to write it with the blood of his victim.

Only those who underwent the trauma need to see these faces paraded in front of us; while victims have to walk in public with their faces covered. Based on the viral post today – It wont be long before Mr Vairamuthu and Mr Radha Ravi are dancing again in films while I go to court and await justice. Enna nyayam. Enna needhiyum. Enna naermai. Only molesters, crooks and the evil will prosper. Today, I am certain

It is easy for others to forget something traumatic that happened to someone else. It isn’t your experience, I don’t wish it on you either. But it is mine. I dont live and dwell on it 24/7 but when a person is whitewashed and paraded as an angel… I wont put it beyond the same society that will watch these accused policemen murderers get a medal of valour in the future. Because – people forget. Nirbhaya took 8 years. What happened to Hasini’s case? Remember Dashvanth who molested and burned the girl baby, went to jail, escaped and murdered his mother? People forget.

Because there is too much to keep up with. Actual shameless ‘journalists’ used a social media ‘leaks’ to invalidate my account of sexual harassment by Mr Vairamuthu, Mr Nakkeeran Gopal called me the woman named in the ‘leaks’ to say I am a liar- every psychotic meme page admin, every psychotic human used the same ‘leaks’ to shame me, ask me about non existent abortions, a sex tape – how can one exist when it didnt happen?! This was my life’s biggest false allegation that I experienced.

For you the ‘Leaks’ was entertainment. It’s not YOUR trauma to forget. But it is MINE. It is some others as well who wanted to kill themselves. They were just living their lives, minding their own business. And each time Vairamuthu posts I get tagged. Each time Radha Ravi Breathes I get tagged. Suchitra posts I get tagged. I DON’T want to see those posts. How is that difficult to understand? Even if they are saying the most fantastic things I DONT WANT TO SEE IT.

For the last time – I am too talented, proud and secure to have sex with someone in return for songs. 2. Thereby no abortions no sex tape. It was a lie and if you cant believe it I truly wish you wear my shoes someday for you are incapable of seeing truth. The leaks was NO call for justice or for righting wrongs. It was ANOTHER act of aggression on women. Another shaming. Another parading naked of women,Like people in villages do. Of branding people black magicians and witches. Next time you share posts asking for ‘justice’ from aggressors – do remember you are part of the system that denies survivors justice.”