Chinmayi at it again, slams online abusers, trollers

Chinmayi Sripada, who initiated the #MeToo movement in south Indian cinema, has once again come out with a strong post on social media, condemning those who verbally abuse and troll her.

The singer-dubbing artiste-entrepreneur, who uploaded a screenshot of offensive messages sent to her, wrote, “By default I, am just a singer, gets a lot of rape tweets, DM, emails every week.”

“A lot of men think they are entitled to women’s bodies. Here is one more from my DM today. @Twitter wont do anything and the police are anyway overburdened,” she sstated.

And she added: “Sigh. The kinda men we all have to tolerate everyday on social media. But we have to be polite, call these scums Anna, Sir and use respect else they will continue the language.Honestly I do wonder why such men are alive.”

Recently, certain remarks made by legendary actress Sowcar Janaki, during her interview with veteran actor Y Gee Mahendra, once again stirred a controversy in the #MeToo row.

The Iru Kodugal actress said, “What these women are going to gain out of this? You would have accepted something a long back and using for your promotion now. Such things will bring down your family reputation.”

Soon after this, singer Chinmayi Sripada, who kickstarted the movement in these parts, said, “For those who don’t know what the Sowcar madam and YGM sir interview is – THIS is the one. If I have to be honest, I did cry after watching it. “Nadandhadhu and Nadakkadhadhu” How MANY from the industry have shielded and protected predators? And the MeToo jokes – Slow clap.”

Actress Samantha came to Chinmayi’s support and tweeted: “It’s sad that you have a better understanding than some women . God bless you .. prouder than ever”.