Chennai power shutdown today on 07-06-2024

Power supply will be suspended in 33 / 11 KV Thiruvanmiyur SS at Indira Nagar in the following areas as mentioned below on 07/06/2024 from 09.00 am to 03.00 pm to Carryout feeder and structure Maintenance work in 11 KV Indira Nagar Feeder.

Supply will be resumed before 03.00 P.M, if the works are completed.

LB road one part, Kamaraj Nagar 6th to 12th East Street, and Kamaraj Avenue,                           

LB road – OLYMPIA Apts, LB road – Suraj and Chand Towers, LB road – Ramaniyam Sanjivini and all other surrounding areas.