Chennai Power Shutdown On 10.12.2018

                                Power supply will be suspended in the following areas on 10.12.2018 from 09.00 am to 04.00 pm for maintenance work.
Supply will be resumed before 04.00 P.M if the works are completed.

FORESHORE ESTATE AREA : Foreshore Estate, TNHB Quarters, Srinivasapuram, Dooming kuppam, Mandhavelipakkam, Santhome high road, Police Quarters, Rohini garden, Karpagam avenue, Demonte st, Leith castle south, Central, North sts., South Canal Bank road, Norton road & 1 to 4th st, T.S.K.koil st, Adam st, Kesavaperumal koil st, East Mada st, V.K.Iyer road, Mosque st, 1st Trust cross st & 11 to 14th trust cross st, Kutcheri road, Bazaar road, Nochikuppam, Devadi st, North Mada st, Appu st, Nochi nagar, Appu Mudali st, Dooming st, Rosary church road, Kuil Thottam, Muthu st, New st, CID Quarters, CBI office, Dhideer nagar, Nadu st, Sundareswarar koil st, Chithirakulam north & south st.