Chennai police issues advisory on Blue Whale challenge

The Greater Chennai city police has issued an advisory to the public regarding the Blue Whale, an online game that assigns participants, mostly teenagers, many tasks, with the final challenge requiring them to commit suicide.

Police said the internet game “instructs its participants, mostly teenagers, to carry out 50 dangerous tasks, the final challenge being committing suicide.”

“Teenagers and young adults in their formative years seek social validation, acceptance and aspire to be part of something bigger than them and this game exploits that,” the official statement read.

Police requested parents to monitor their children closely and in particular look out for depressed/violent behaviour, long lonely hours online, late night surfing, avoiding family company among other unusual activities.

“Unusual injuries in the body could be a sign of concern as they may be involved in such games. Please monitor your child’s social media activity and ensure they are allowed to access them only when you are convinced that they are mature enough to handle them.” it added.

According to the police, some of the dangerous tasks which are part of the game include waking up at 4.20 am, watching horror videos alone, inflicting self-injury and the supposedly most apparent of them all-drawing picture of whale and then carving the same onto forearm or legs.