Chennai hospital replaces damaged skull with titanium plate

Doctors from Parvathy Hospital in Chennai have conducted a ‘unique’ cranioplasty surgery using a newly designed titanium plate customised to fit the damaged portion of the skull of a 26-year-old who sustained severe head injury.
The implant was performed by globally acclaimed Dr. K. Eliyasbasha, Senior Consultant, Neurosurgeon known for his stem cell surgery for cervical cord injured patients.
The patient based in Chennai, who had recently returned from Kenya suffered severe head injury due to a bike accident, was admitted in the hospital with broken skull and brain matter oozing out of the injury. The Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) of the patient was 4, due to the highest level of severity of the brain injury.
Commenting on the innovative surgery, Dr. K. Eliyasbasha, says, “When the patient was admitted, saving the life of the patient was our first priority. When we completed the surgery, the skull was still open and the skin formed a layer after some days. To close the damaged portion of the skull, we were looking for various options which will be the best fit for the skull.
Based on our research, we found out that Titanium is the best material to fit into the damaged portion of the skull. We then customized the Titanium plate to fit the damaged skull using 3D designs and implanted the same. Now the patient is healthy with all his vital organs working in proper and healthy condition.”
This is the first time Titanium plate is implanted in a patient in Tamil Nadu using Cranioplasty. Titanium is strong, durable and non-corrosive. It is perfectly adapted to patient’s anatomy and suited to 3D contours of Skull. Titanium is aesthetically and cosmetically good. It is easy to perform and timesaving, he said.