Chennai Corporation vaccinates record number of 49,000 persons

The Greater Chennai Corporation vaccinated more than 49,000 persons on Friday, the highest one-day inoculation in the city so far. Till now, more than 11 lakh persons have received the vaccine, including those who got both the doses.

“The Commissioner instructed us to increase vaccinations to 60,000 per day from the present average of 30,000. Earlier, we were giving 30,000 shots including first and second doses. For the last two days, the number of first doses alone has reached 30,000. The teams constituted to micro manage the preventive measures will also take steps to increase the vaccination,” an official said.

Though many districts are reporting vaccine shortage, the Corporation claimed it has adequate shots for the next four days.

Meanwhile, confusion prevailed at several vaccination centres in the city as some staff refused to give second dose to the persons who had received first dose at private hospitals. An official said second doses would be given at Corporation facilities to those who took the first dose at any of the government hospitals.

“Persons who took the first dose at private hospitals should get their second dose at the same private hospital,” the official added.