Chennai cops arrest thief who is serial rapist too

The Greater Chennai City police who tracked and arrested a serial offender for his alleged involvement in several burglaries were in for a shock.
For, the 26-year-old man told investigators that apart from indulging in burglary and knifepoint robbery, he had also raped several home-alone women at knifepoint.
The accused Arivazhagan, a native of Krishnagiri district, and currently residing at Guindy, was picked up from his residence based on suspicion.
During preliminary investigation, Arivazhagan confessed to the police that he targeted women staying alone in their homes during the daytime.
“He had looted valuables from 50 odd places and sexually harassed inmates”, police said. Though it is suspected
that the accused has molested over 40 women, police are yet to confirm this.
Apart from molesting and raping the woman, he also recorded the act in his mobile phone, police said. He targeted lone women in residential neighbourhoods in South Chennai and indulged in the act, police sources said.