Centre changes draft language policy, says Hindi not mandatory

The Union government, as announced earlier that it would not impose any language on anyone, has said Hindi will not be made compulsory in non-Hindi speaking states.

A change in this regard has been made in the draft policy. A huge controversy broke out in Tamil Nadu on Saturday over the three-language formula with political parties warning of a language war over “attempts” to impose Hindi even as the Centre stepped in to say that there was no intention to impose any language on anyone.

In the draft National Education Policy 2019, the three-language formula recommends inclusion of English and Hindi besides mother tongue in non-Hindi speaking states, while Hindi speaking states should include English and one Indian language from other parts of the country.

As the controversy snowballed, the Centre dismissed apprehensions on the issue and said there was no move to impose any language on anyone.

Speaking to the media, Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar said, “Only a report has been submitted on the new education policy. Government has not taken any decision on it. It has not even considered it and therefore the misunderstanding that the government has decided on the new education policy is not true.”

“After we will get the public feedback, then only it will come up before the government. More importantly, the Modi government has always promoted all Indian languages and therefore there is no case of or intention of imposing any language on anybody. We want to promote all Indian languages.”

Foreign Minister S Jaishankar on Sunday said the Central government “respects all languages” and “no language will be imposed,” while stating that all stakeholders – general public and state governments – would be consulted before taking a final call on the three-language norm.

“The National Education Policy as submitted to the Minister HRD is only a draft report. Feedback shall be obtained from the general public. State governments will be consulted. Only after this, the draft report will be finalised. GoI respects all languages. No language will be imposed,” Jaishankar tweeted.