CB-CID cracks great train robbery case

CB-CID cracks great train robbery case

More than two years after the sensational Salem train heist, in which Rs 5.75 crore cash assigned to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) was looted from a moving train, the Crime Branch of the CID has cracked the case.

The unprecedented robbery occurred on the Salem-Chennai Express on the night of August 8, 2016. A gang broke into the parcel van containing Rs 342 crore of soiled but usable currency, and took away Rs 5.75 crore.

Reports stated that the midnight heist was carried out by a gang from Madhya Pradesh.

Speaking to The Hindu, one CB-CID official said, “We have established clear technical evidence, which confirms their involvement. While analysing suspicious mobile phone numbers that were active at the Salem junction and along the route between Salem and Villupuram, we found certain similarities between some numbers.

The users were from Madhya Pradesh and belonged to the same locality there. Enquiries revealed that the notorious gang was involved in several crimes in north India.”

After months of tedious investigations bore no fruit, a special CB-CID team finally hit upon some evidence that eventually led to the breakthrough. It is claimed NASA had helped CB-CID to crack the case.

On the basis of this, the investigators zeroed down on a group of numbers that belonged to users of the same locality in Madhya Pradesh. Inquiries have also revealed that the gang was involved in several other notorious crimes in North India.