CARHP to focus on electric vehicles in US market

CARHP is a forthcoming startup catering to the US automobile market. It functions as an online autos information site that brings together in-depth reviews, ratings, comparisons and local listings for new and old cars.

CARHP is in its beta stage, however, their inventory already boasts a collection of over 2000 car reviews from 2016 to present.

CARHP is funded and incubated by – India’s foremost college search portal. CARHP has a team size of more than 20 people. The team brings together talent from different industries – data, content and marketing together to create an automobile website that simplifies the car buying process.

The number of buyers who find their vehicle through mobile has been on a rise but the number of mobile friendly websites that provide complete information for the car buying journey is staggeringly low. Most of the websites manage to excel in only one front. Either they are content-centric or they provide car specifications that by themselves don’t simplify the car buying process. These websites fail to provide a one-stop solution to the buyers.

In-depth car reviews published by CARHP use a unique approach to inform the users about their prospective buy. The car that is being reviewed is stacked against four closely matched competitors. In-depth tables which list out specifications are used along with reviews that accurately pit the car against the competition.

CARHPwill have a special space for plug-in hybrid (PHEV) and all electric vehicles (EVs). These vehicles significantly reduce the carbon footprint and ease the demand on consumption of fossil fuels as primary energy source. With a substantial number of models in pipelinefrom manufacturers like Audi, BMW, Ford, Honda and more. Also the production of cheaper and more efficient battery packs will be a push for the EVs are going to have a significant market share by 2025. At CARHP we advocate for usage of such vehicles in a extensive manner.

CARHP stands out as a different website. Instead of relying only on a single parameter, be it content, car specification or inventory at the local dealer. CARHP strives to bring content and inventory together with a special emphasis on data. Instead of relying just on content for a major car buying decision. Bringing data into perspective helps us to make a more informed decision.