'Bolt of Blue Collection' by AIM for Seva Krupa Home

‘Bolt of Blue Collection’ by AIM for Seva Krupa Home

As part of World Autism Day AIM for Seva Krupa Home is proud to launch the ‘Bolt of Blue’ Collection, handmade by autistic adults at our residential facility. Fabric hand-woven by adults with developmental disabilities has been tailored into purses, bags, folders, lunch bags and cloth napkins.

AIM for Seva Krupa Home has been actively working towards creating ‘work centers’ where adults with developmental disabilities can be meaningfully occupied. This adds to their sense of self-worth and happiness. We are delighted to announce that AIM for Seva Krupa Home will be setting up more looms to teach and encourage more residents to weave, as part of the occupational therapy programme.

The products are available at the AIM for Seva office in Mylapore, Chennai. Please contact Ms.Sumita Pai at 91 – 95000 82142 / sumitaaimforseva@gmail.com for more details.

About Krupa Home

Disability is a functional limitation within the individual caused by physical, intellectual, emotional, or sensory impairments. People with disability need continual assistance in order to complete everyday tasks, and some may have behavioural problems that require supervision – this is the support extended by Krupa Home. Our team of trained special educators create a homely environment for the residents, and help them live life with dignity and cheer.

It was Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati’s vision to create a model community for these adults to lead a life of meaning and purpose; he understood the difficulties and pressures parents faced, as marriage, career and the future of these adults were in question. In order to help both, parents and their children – giving them a life that reflects self worth, achievement, independence and happiness -Krupa Home was launched in 2010.

Salient Features of Krupa Home

  • The facility is located on 10 acres, amidst rich flora and fauna.
  • The residents are taught weaving, gardening and craftwork; these activities support their motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
  • The fees for enrolment are minimal.