BJP holds protest against TN government demanding to open temples of weekends

The state BJP chief K Annamalai on Thursday demanded that the government lift restrictions on week-end worship at temples, within 10 days and warned that the DMK dispensation’s attempt to “impose its ideology” will result in a backlash from the people.

Accusing the state government of attempting to “impose its ideology” on the theists by restricting darshans during weekends, Annamalai insisted that there was “no logic” in keeping temples closed from Friday to Sunday citing coronavirus, when it had permitted cinema halls to re-open and is getting ready to restart schools for all classes for children for whom COVID-19 vaccine is yet to be rolled out. He also charged the state government with using the Centre’s advisory on COVID-19 to its advantage.
“Navaratri celebrations have begun, but the state government has decided to keep the temples closed from Friday to Sunday claiming festivals could become super spreader of the virus. There is no logic in this argument as the Central government’s circular on restrictions is purely advisory,” Annamalai said.
The BJP president, who led a massive protest here to force the DMK-led government to permit darshan at temples, told reporters that his party has been constrained to organise the protest in front of 12 ancient temples on Thursday.
He expressed hope that the government would concede the demand within 10 days. “Don’t test people’s patience, their faith in god.. If the demand is not met, then there will be massive protests by the people,” the BJP leader warned.
“The DMK government’s attempt to impose its ideology on the people was evident when it banned the Vinayaka Chaturthi celebrations. Not only Hindus, even Muslims and Christians who have participated in this protest want all the religious places of worship to be re-opened,” he said.
A large number of women members of the BJP held ‘thee chetti’ (fire pots) with neem leaves strung around them, asking the government to allow darshan in temples this Navaratri.