Bindu Madhavi, Harish Kalyan in love?

Amid reports that Bigg Boss contestants Bindu Madhavi and Harish Kalyan are in love, the former has said it is just friendship.

At the same time, Bindu says, “Harish is straightforward, has an innocent charm and dances well. But he goes into his own shell when he is upset and takes time to bounce back. I wish he doesn’t do that.”

On his part, Harish says, “She is genuine, non-fussy, very casual and good as a person. But she is lazy at times, does not participate in some activities with full heart, and can become moody all of a sudden.”

Tirchy model Aarav won the first season of Bigg Boss Tamil that brought Kamal Haasan to the small screens as a host. Ganesh Venkatraman was announced as the third runner-up of the show.

His wife Nisha Krishnan was sent in to bring him out of the house. And Harish Kalyan was escorted out of the house by Oviya.

Kamal did the honours of escorting the final two contestants Snehan and Aarav out of the house. After making an impassioned speech about his much-awaited political debut, Kamal handed the trophy to Aarav and a cheque of Rs 50 lakh.