Bigg Boss: Mugen to be evicted this week?

Following the sudden eviction of Saravanan from Bigg Boss house over his comments on groping women, it is expected that Mugen Rao would be evicted this week. 

Inside Bigg Boss house, it seems that all is not well between Abhirami Venkatachalam and Mugen Rao in this week.
Mugen Rao, Sakshi Agarwal, Sherin Shringar and Abhirami are seen having a chat.

During the conversation, Sakshi asks Abhirami whether she doesn’t like when Sakshi talks to Mugen. Eventually, the chat creates a misunderstanding between Abhirami and Sakshi and the latter walks away.

Later, Abhirami tells Losliya Mariyanesan that Sakshi never thinks about others. Mugen Rao notices Abhirami in tears and enquires the issue bothering her. He asks why Abhirami walked away. Mugen Rao doesn’t support Abhirami’s attitude. He gets angry and starts punching on the bed, which eventually gets damaged.

Mugen, who was furious over the current situation, damaged a bed with his bare hands in a fit of rage. Hearing the commotion, the other roommates rushed to cool down Mugen and Abhirami. Abhirami apologized to Sakshi and they both made up with a hugged and vowed to remain friends just like they were before.

When the housemates were asked to nominate two names for this week’s eviction, most of the housemates nominated Abhirami and Sakshi. Abhirami topped the nomination suggestions for this week’s eviction followed by her fellow housemates Abhirami, Sakshi, Losliya and Saravanan, who still featured in the last episode.