Bigg Boss 4’s Love Bed group meet after eviction

The last three consecutive evictions from ‘Bigg Boss 4’ namely Nisha, Jithan Ramesh and Archana belong to the Love Bed Group and they have obviously decided to carry their bonding outside too.

Archana has posted a brand new photo of herself, Nisha and Ramesh hand in hand and catching up after the ‘Bigg Boss 4 ‘ evictions.

She has captioned it “The bonds of friendship that we forge along the way in our lives help us to navigate even the toughest of obstacles with ease.Muzhgaatha shipae friendship than Love you guys !!!”

It may be noted that Archana who went in as a wild contestant was the last one to be evicted from the Bigg Boss 4 house.

Contestants of Bigg Boss 4 were recently given a different task. The task title B for Ball, C for Catch was setup in the garden area of the house. Points were awarded based on the size of the ball.

To ensure that there is no conflict between the two team Balaji drew a line inbetween with a tape. The game began with both the team agreeing to play it fair and square.