Bigg Boss 3: Kasthuri talks about reports on her wild card entry

Actress Kasthuri has reacted to reports in a few sections of the media, which claimed that she would make a wild card entry into Tamil reality show Bigg Boss 3 on Vijay TV.

She too Twitter to give a clarification on these speculation of her wild card entry in the Bigg Boss house. Kasthuri Shankar gave a reference of the example shared by the host and actor Kamal Haasan about the fight between a snake and mongoose.

The actress further said that going by proof instead of rumours will definitely benefit everyone. As per reports, Kasthuri Shankar’s conversation with one of the organizers of the Bigg Boss Tamil season 3 show is floating on the internet.

The fans are very curious to know what the truth is. They are now looking forward to see if the actress makes a wild card entry on the Bigg Boss Tamil season 3 show.

Kasthuri has always been vocal about her views which makes her an interesting choice for Bigg Boss. The recent eviction of Meera Mithun has also propelled speculations over a wild card entry.

Besides Kasthuri, singer Krish, actress Vichithra, Sangeetha, Kayal Anandhi, Raja Rani fame Alya Manasa, internet sensation Mannai Sathik and others are also rumoured to be taking part in the show.

The luxury budget task of impersonating the film stars continued on the 38th day of Bigg Boss. What followed later was a letter task. The inmates were asked to write a letter without mentioning their name.

The letters should contain the questions that the inmates have thought of asking their co-housemates. Abirami chose a letter in which Reshma had questioned Madhumitha that in spite of her saying that God will look after the deeds, why is she targeting others?

To this, Madhumitha replied that she doesn’t target anyone and even if she targets, she would make it obvious by saying it straight forward.