Big relief for Dhanush in paternity case

Big relief for Dhanush in paternity case

The Madras High Court on Friday quashed an elderly couple’s petition in a lower court in which they claimed actor Dhanush to be their runaway son, holding that it was devoid of merit.

Justice P N Prakash in his order allowed a petition by Dhanush seeking quashing of the case pending in the Judicial Magistrate Court in nearby Melur.

Sounding palpably relieved, Kasthuri Raja said, “From the beginning we were not disturbed by the case as we knew it was completely baseless. We maintained a dignified silence as we knew that the law would take its course.”

He added: “The world knows the truth and now the judgment is an evidence of the same. Also, we had all the records, including the gazette notification, of his name change from Vengadesha Prabhu to Dhanush. There is a limit to wish for somebody else’s property. Their claim was beyond limits.”

In November last year, the couple, Kathiresan and Meenakshi, had claimed that Dhanush was their son who ran away from a hostel when he was in Class 11 and wanted him to pay a monthly maintenance.

They had produced a class 10 certificate to back up their case, which included the identification marks.

On February 28, the Madurai bench of the high court had ordered the Madurai Medical College to ascertain if the actor had these two identification marks. The doctors were also asked if the mole and the scar could be erased without a trace.